My Stop App

My Stop is a mobile app that allows students and parents to view the current location and estimated time of arrival of their school bus. The app works on mobile devices, tablets or a desktop computer to view this information through a web browser. My Stop also has an option to reflect what time the bus would be at the student’s bus stop when there is an early dismissal scheduled or a weather delay.

My Stop
My Stop is available through the App Store or Google Play.




To use My Stop:

1. Download the Versatrans My Stop app. Once completed, tap the My Stop app icon to launch the My Stop landing screen.





2. Tap to display a list of school districts. If the screen is blank, tap the Closest Districts button.



3. Select a MN Charter Schools and tap OK. The Login screen is displayed.

4. You may need to scroll down until you reach MN Charter Schools, select MN Charter Schools and tap OK. The login screen displays.
Login Screen



5. Enter your Username: School ID and Password: School ID. Username and Password are the same. Contact your school’s Transportation Coordinator if you don’t know your Student ID.

6. Tap Login. The My Stop screen displays you or your child’s name.
Select Student's Name





7. Tap on your (child’s) name and a map displays with their bus route and current bus location. The bus route and bus position only display when the route is scheduled and GPS data is available. If the route is scheduled and there is no GPS data then it will still show the student stop but not the bus. *Mechanical issues happen. If there is no GPS information then it is likely we are using a different bus and haven’t updated the system yet. Be patient and be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.
School Bus Map



8. Tap Scans. My Stop displays the current day’s scan information for the students.
School Bus Info




9. Tap Setup. A screen displays that allows you to subscribe to notifications (i.e. Delayed Bus, Early Dismissals etc.) enabled by us.
Notification Setup



10. Slide the Off button to the On position to subscribe to notifications.