What makes the roads dangerous?

What makes the roads dangerous? Is it the road its self or is it the people driving on the roads? Some would say it could be a combination of the two. I suppose a stretch of highway could seem dangerous if it were a dark, windy road that collects ice when it rains or snows. However, knowing all those things, wouldn’t it fall on the driver to be extra careful and cautious when they are traveling this said highway? Being that a road is a stationary object, never moving unless there were a natural disaster such as an earthquake, wouldn’t it beg to reason the moving object would pose the most danger? So then you have to ask, is the vehicle dangerous, or the operator?

When we take on the task of travel, we have to ask ourselves, “Are we doing this to the best of our ability?” Allowing yourself to become distracted, impatient, and complacent, does not a good safe driver make. You are making the choice to put other people in a dangerous situation. You are choosing to put others lives at risk. If you are one that takes the quality of life for granted, I hope you never have to endure the price, pain and agony felt, when involved in a crash. No matter the injury there is always a price to pay. Not always is there the monetary aspect, but emotional, physical, and mental price. I have been involved in a crash where the other party chose to venture out on the road and drive under the influence of alcohol. That choice he made that night, changed my life forever. I do not know what his life was like before the crash, or what it is like now. What I do know is my life and the life of my loved ones with me that night, has altered our being as a whole.

I am not sure if extra driver training, defensive driving courses or laws banning cell phone use alone would change the way people use the roads. I think people need to change their moral compass. People need to start thinking, caring and making conscience efforts to Do better. We need to begin to use our common sense. Everyone has a lot going on in their lives, but when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, nothing and no one should take your mind away from just simply paying attention.

Creating safer roads starts with all of us. If everyone practiced what it takes to be a safe driver, everyone on the road would be safe. It sounds simple, almost too good to be true. That’s because it is. Or it could be. Refraining from aggressive driving and using defensive driving could be a start. Knowing the skills and tips to being a safe driver and not using them, defeats the purpose of having them.  Even if you were a perfect, another drivers’ inattention can put everyone at risk.We complicate things when we put the worries of life before the value of life.

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