Spring Ahead into Construction Season

With warmer weather approaching, construction season will soon be underway.

The MN Department of Transportation will roll out the I-94 Project beginning March 2017. The project is scheduled to last until late July 2018.

Project goals are to resurface the freeway between Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis to Shingle Creek Parkway in Brooklyn Center. There will be repairs made to 50 bridges and most on and off ramps. Lighting, guardrails, drainage system and the tile in the Lowry Tunnel are just some of the upgrades that made the list.

Traffic will be reduced to two lanes in both directions from May to August 2017 to allow for under bridge repairs.  Large trucks weighing 9,000 pounds are going to be prohibited from the Lowry Tunnel at this time. This will cause some alterations to the last few weeks of 2016-2017 school routes and summer school bus routes.

Southbound Hwy 252 to eastbound I-94 and westbound I-694 to eastbound I-94 will be detoured to Hwy 100 for two months. Northbound I-35W ramp getting onto I-94 westbound will be closed and traffic detoured to Hwy 62 and northbound Hwy 100 from May through August 2017.

Wow! This summer is going to be one major traffic headache. Get your back road driving skills together. Learn some short cuts and utilize the side streets. I’m glad they are doing this during the spring/summer months and not the snowy, colder conditions.

I’m excited to see some improvements made to this stretch of I-94 even though I probably won’t be expressing it when I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. It’s been a long time coming. Being in the transportation business, you tend to see a difference in the care of the roads in the metro and it’s surrounding areas. I’m not sure why this end of I-94 has been neglected for so long, but I am looking forward to the smooth highway and no potholes!

To check out more information about closures and dates, go to Project Website mndot.gov/metro/projects/i94brooklyncntr

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