7 Qualities of Confidence

  1. Admitting your flaws.  No one is perfect. As much as this is said, no one truly takes this to heart. Confident people not only admit their imperfections, they applaud them. They know where their strengths lie, where they can improve and when to fall back and let others take the lead. Trying to be perfect at everything, is inefficient. Confident people love themselves for who they are – and for who they’re not.
  2. Saying No.  Many people think saying no is rude and off-putting but in reality it is very respectful. Confident people do not over commit themselves or make false promises. They know they don’t have time for everything and would rather tell the truth than not follow through on their word. Also, burnout is not on the agenda. Making time for things you enjoy doing rather than for the sake of others, shows confidence in your ability to care for yourself first.
  3. Listening.  While confident people usually trust their own judgment, they are not above the consideration of other people’s opinions. They won’t always like what they hear all the time, but they won’t throw a tantrum if their opinion is not agreed with. Confident people know how to take constructive criticisms and effectively make adjustments and move forward.
  4. Being open to new friends and experiences.  No matter the past, confident people do not let failed relationships or experiences hold them back. They use those experiences as lessons on how to improve and be a better friend and person in general.
  5. Do not conform.  Confident people are okay with being “different.” They don’t do anything they do not wholeheartedly agree with. They don’t feel pressure by the desire to fit in. Confident people do not mirror others to find their happiness – they look within.
  6. Asking for help.  This is major! Confident people have no issues with ego. They know they cannot accomplish everything alone. They do not feel threatened or belittled by seeking help from coaches, friends, family, etc.
  7. Owning your feelings.  No matter what the circumstances are, confident people strive to understand their emotions and own up to them. Self assured people can express themselves without blaming others and confirm their confidence by hearing and listening to the side of others.

Using these tools in our everyday lives can create balance and harmony in everything we do. You can begin to feel confident in your work place, with your family and with your friends. One of our daily goals should be focused on being better than we were the day before. Remember, you are the company you keep. Surrounding  yourself with confident people you can achieve your fullest potential.

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