It’s Snowing?

Well…I was hoping I didn’t have to talk about snow again, but it’s Back!!

While we have been pretty spoiled these last couple weeks, we are after all, Minnesotans. Snow or adverse weather is nothing new to us. However, this morning I couldn’t tell with all the vehicles swerving, speeding, crashing and spinning out. Keep in mind a speeding mind, a speeding process and a speeding vehicle Always results in a crash. Why are we surprised when the white stuff falls? Why do we become impatient with the road and one another?

Realizing we work hard for the money (in my Donna Summer voice), just to get alongside a driver that is impatient and refuses to drive properly or adjust to the icy road and slower traffic. I’m sure no one pays insurance every month, just to pay out a deductible every time it snows. So let’s save some money, headache and our lives, and focus on driving safely.

We must use our common sense. If the road is slippery, Slow Down! If a car in front of you is navigating slowly, it’s probably because they see or foresee an issue. Don’t tailgate. This causes you to have to brake or often or change lanes. Don’t get impatient and honk or get closer to the back bumper of the car in front of you. Trust me, that doesn’t make anyone go faster, ever. These behaviors only cause cautious careful drivers to drive more defensively.

Just remember, while everyone has places to go and people to see, wouldn’t you actually like to get there? We really need to start driving like we do.

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