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Welcome Back from Winter Break

Welcome back from Winter Break! We hope you and your loved ones had a safe and relaxing holiday.

Another Snowy Day in MN

Here are some SAFETY reminders…

  1. Students should be standing at the bus stop, not in the car, and in line at least five (5) minutes before the school bus arrives. This is for the safety of all students on the route.
  2. Students need to tell the bus driver if something happens or is happening that is disruptive to bus operations or destructive to school property.
  3. If a student is habitually late, he/she will be verbally reminded to be on time. If this persists, a student conduct report will be issued.
  4. Carry on items must be held on a student’s lap or fit within their own seating area.
  5. Any object that takes up a seating space or creates a hazard on the bus will not be allowed.
  6. Items left on the bus will be taken off the bus at the end of the route and turned in to the lost and found at the bus garage.